Thursday, April 11, 2013

9 months

9 months. Gulp. I'm not in denial about the downward slope to a year. Not at all.

Er, um, yeah, so...

Miss Clare turned 9 months old yesterday.

She has 2 teeth!!!

She is crawling everywhere, into everything. She is basically a tornado on all-fours.

She started pulling up -- really, truly pulling up -- this week.

She eats anything offered. And anything she can get her hands on. Including microscopic pieces of rock/dust/leaf/bug/Cheerio/string she finds on the floor. Even 30 seconds after sweeping.

She pretty much thinks she's a puppy, going after shoes and destroying every Kleenex she finds (and I swear, I don't know where she finds them most of the time).

She is very talkative and happy and energetic.

She has learned how to clap and loves to clap and play and clap.

She loves to smile and stick out her crazy-kid tongue.

She makes friends everywhere we go.

She was forced to try and sit still so Mama could take a mere 39 pictures in an effort to get just the right shot with the you-don't-know-how-slow-it-is-til-you-have-kids point and shoot.

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  1. Ah the-you-don't-know-how-slow-it-is-til-you-have-kids point and shoot! The bane of my existence:) Trying to capture a non-blurry moment of 3 kids is nearly impossible. And yet I continue to try...

    Good work though...those pictures are adorable! It helps that you have such a sweet subject:)


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