Wednesday, April 17, 2013

5 Favorites, Vol. 5

Linking up with Hallie to share my 5 favorites this week.

1. Allergy Meds -- choosing medicine feels so cliche at this point, but I got my allergy/asthma meds refilled/tweaked yesterday (with a new, great doctor! Yay!). Breathing is good and 'tis the season. The lingering question, though, is why Flonase smells like flowers. It feels like I'm just shooting allergens up my nose.

Ah, the sweet smell of pollen. Via

 2. Newman's Own Lite Balsamic Vinaigrette -- I had forgotten how yummy this is on salads. Mmmm . . . I've finally gotten back to making us salads every night, and have been enjoying having this on them.


3. Salad Spinner -- Speaking of salads, I had been lazily using bagged salad for awhile, but have been having terrible luck with it going bad on me well before the expiration date, no matter how much time I spend at the store carefully examining the package for signs of decay. Prepping the lettuce nightly is not a big chore, but it does keep me from making salads. Sunday night, I whipped out the salad spinner, and washed and prepped the lettuce for the week. I felt very Rachael Ray, but now, I have the best of all worlds. Will definitely be doing that again.

New version Via

4. Reasons My Son Is Crying -- Makes me crack up every time. Clare may only be 9 months, but we can totally relate. We joke about how we're "bad parents" for insisting she wear diapers and not eat bugs.

5.  This guy -- Cliche to brag on the hubby? Probably. But I am so blessed to have married someone who works so hard for his family and loves us so much more than I can express here. He definitely deserves a shout-out today, so here it is!

Wine tasting? Check.

 Head over to Hallie's for more lovely lists.

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  1. I have the same prob. w/ bagged salads. Salad spinners are the way to go if you have to wash all those leaves!
    And #4- hilarious! My husband and I were both cracking up while reading it.

  2. 2- I haven't tried that one yet but I am going to.
    5 - I love nothing more than an wife that can't stop herself from talking sweetness about her hubby. ;-)


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