Wednesday, May 8, 2013

5 Favorites, Vol. 8

Linking up with Grace who's helping Hallie soak up a little post-baptism family time. 

Really, this post should be written by Clare, but since her grasp of the English language is still, ummmm, developing, I have taken it upon myself to help her out. These are her 5 favorite books at the moment. For the record, all links are to Amazon, but I don't have the whatever you call it when you get paid for click throughs, so that is just a matter of convenience not commerce.

1. Puppy and Friends -- "I love the puppies and pat them to let them know. Mama seems to think I care about the touch and feel parts, too, but I just care about the doggies."

2. Touch and Feel Pets -- "See above. Except that I love all the animals, even the kitty. And the lizard does feel really cool! This was my favorite Easter basket present."

3. The Littlest Turtle -- "I especially love it when the turtle kisses me when Mama reads. It never seems to happen when I read it by myself. So confusing."

4. You Are My Cupcake -- "I may be crazy, but I'm still a girly girl at heart. I love desert and sparkles. Win. Win. Plus, Mama eats me up in the end and that makes me laugh and laugh!"

5. Toes, Ears & Nose -- "I may not care about parts of my body yet, but ripping the flaps off was super-fun before Mama took my copy away!" (Note from Mama: we have a second copy....shhhhhh! don't tell!)

Happy reading (of books and lists)!

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  1. Two of your books are faves in our house... maybe we should start a book club! :)
    Will have to check out the other three!


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