Wednesday, May 22, 2013

5 Favorites, Volume 10 -- Home Town Edition!

This week, Clare and I traveled 2 hours north to my home town for what ended up being a little R&R. It might be a little early to need a break from the heat, but the cool weather has been a treat anyway! So, linking with Hallie today to share my 5 Favorites in Prescott!

1. My dad's deck (and front porch and . . .) -- Dad has a gorgeous piece of forested property. One great think about being here with a napping baby is the excuse for enjoying some outdoor sitting during naptime! Did I mention the cool weather? Love.

Reading the Burpee catalog

2. Rockin' at El Charro -- We had to get Clare indoctrinated on our favorite local Mexican place. Last night they had live music, and Clare, who was eating there for the first time ex utero, loved every minute of it.

3. Downtown -- The courthouse square is iconic and great for a walk (and a browse through the cute boutiques and galleries, if you are so inclined) and a feel of old timey Americana. Of course, I had to make Clare take a picture with the Buckey O'Neil statute, because I wrote a paper on him in college and it turned into a thing. She was clearly aware of how (not) cool her mom is in this picture.

4. Kendall's -- No trip downtown is complete without reminiscing over a burger or ice cream at the local buger-joint-in-the-back, ice-cream-parlor-in-the-front throwback. Yum!

Pouting because she didn't get a cone for dessert? Or because she got applesauce instead of a burger?

5. Dad's garden -- My dad had been growing a garden since waaaaaaaaaaay before it was cool. And we were canning and freezing produce since just as many years pre-coolness. Everything I know about gardening I learned from my dad, along with an appreciation of love for fresh produce. We planted tomatoes this afternoon and let Clare eat the dirt help.

Helping Grandad

Making me soooo wish we had room for a real garden.

Tonight, some family friends are coming over for an oogle-Baby-Clare get together BBQ, and I'm definitely looking forward to it.

Not favorite -- Charles is stuck in Phoenix not relaxing doctoring, and we sure wish he were here. :( Some time soon, for sure (I hope).

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