Wednesday, July 24, 2013

5 Favorites, Vol. 15

Linking up with Grace filling in for Hallie for the weekly faves.

1. Jen's 7 Posts in 7 Days link up - It has kept my reader full to the brim of new content, which makes me a happy Mama. I think making myself write will be good too, come tomorrow when I have to use a bit more of my brain to manage posting.

2. Walks - I'm not good about getting out and walking. I wish I were, but I'm not. That said, the last couple of weeks, I've made myself load Clare and myself up after breakfast and hit the neighborhood sidewalks. Not surprisingly, it makes our day go so much better. We're both in better moods. We get some fresh air before the humidity makes me want to curl into the fetal position and cry. We fly though the pre-morning nap crankiness. It's good.


3. Breyer's Mint Chocolate Chip -- I love Breyer's ice cream for being allergy friendly and for their short ingredient lists. And plenty of flavor. I don't usually keep ice cream in the house, but I picked this up on sale a couple of weeks ago. I remember not loving the mint chocolate chip so much when I was a kid, but my palate was not particularly astute at that point in my life. Oh my gosh! Yum! Where has this been my whole life? Bonus: no dyes resulting in never-natural mint green coloring!


4. Softsoap Shea Butter and Almond Oil bodywash - Much more chemical-y, but I've still fallen for this stuff. I tried it at my dad's last month and have been using it instead of the Dove Sensitive (or generic) that I've been using for years. My sensitive skin hasn't had any adverse effects and it is a nice change of pace. Plus, the price is right!


5. Barnes and Noble - I love eBooks, I really really do. Especially for myself. But there is just something about real, live books that is irresistible. I took Clare to B&N yesterday to use up a gift card, and I found myself wandering the kids' section like a dazed junkie. I only walked out with one more item than I had gone for, buuuuuuuuuut. Magic.

Happy Posting. Happy Wednesday. Happy. Happy. Happy.

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  1. Go you on the walks! Very admirable. I think you just inspired me.

    Also, fellow bookworm here. *May or may not have 5 different books started on my Kindle at the moment*

    And what is this about Breyer's being allergen-friendly? It's always been my favorite brand, but I had to go dairy-free not too long ago (thank you NaPRO and endometriosis) and hello do I miss ice cream!


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