Friday, July 26, 2013

7 Quick Takes - Vol. 31

Since, I haven't really written much about life in St. Louis, here are 7 takes worth of thoughts on life here.

1. Overall, life in St. Louis is good. I can't complain about anything that is St. Louis' fault. I will probably have more to say about my landlord when she is no longer our landlord and I can feel free to vent away without worrying about the highly unlikely even that she will find this, read it, and use it as an excuse to keep our security deposit.

2. Humidity. I don't like it. I can live with it. I can tolerate it. I can bear an afternoon outside with 90some degrees and humidity. But given the option, I would just as soon pass.

3. My biggest fear when we set out on this little adventure was that I would go crazy. We have one car, so some days, I drop Charles off. Some days, I'm carless. It has actually been a nice balance between the busyness of getting stuff done while I have the car and relaxed, quiet days at home when I don't. I was also worried about the lack of community, but it has been ok. Don't get me wrong. I look forward to being close to family in Denver next month week (already!). I look forward to getting home to my peeps. I know the importance of building community if/when we do a longer-term move. But for the time being, I've survived.

4. Last night was not my first 24 hour shift as a med school wife, but it strangely felt like it. Probably because I was alone at night with the baby in a new place for the first time. Would I be ok? Would I freak out? What would I use for the white/TV noise I usually fall asleep with when Charles is gone? All for naught. I read myself to sleep and all was well. One thing I can safely say about myself is that I'm not scared of the night.

5. As an aside to #1, I don't know that it is St. Louis' fault, exactly, but there aren't nearly enough Starbucks for my taste, at least not in this part of town. Now, don't get me wrong, as much as I enjoy a latte, I don't really treat myself that often. (Except coffee dates with friends, but that's a different story.) But somehow, the mere fact that I couldn't get one if I wanted to without dragging my poor baby 20 minutes down the road in a hot, humid car makes me want one. All of which has turned into something of an obsession.

6. One of the times I do treat myself to Starbucks, is when I sometimes go, get a latte, and read on a weekend afternoon. Alone. No Clare. No Charles. (Well, usually they're together. ;) ). Just me and a book and a coffee. Bliss. So when I wanted to do it the first time a couple of weeks ago, I was thwarted -- big time --  by the initial drive, which took the wind out of my sails. Sad Mama.

7. Beyond that, though, the weekends have been glorious!! Oh, have they been glorious. Yes, Charles has to hit the hospital Saturday morning, but then we've had so much fun being tourists and exploring the city and, best of all, enjoying our little family. So wonderful!

Tourists at the zoo

Clare understood the animals for the first time! And loved the penguins!

The people who dragged their baby on the Budweiser tour.

I'm off to enjoy my post-call husband. Have a lovely weekend and check out Jen and the Gang for more!

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