Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Rocky Mountain Hi!

(I just couldn't resist.)

So, I sorta fell off the blogging wagon long about 10 days ago. I had this awesome (in my head) post to write (still planning on it), but decided that a lovely evening with extended family >>>>> working on a blog post. Sometimes, my priorities actually are in order!

Anyway, blogging got put off and off and off through the madness:

That week, I laundered and sorted, and packed and loaded up alllll our stuff in St. Louis. And cleaned and scrubbed and wiped and polished and obsessed over the house. Successfully got our full deposit returned to us (woo to the hoo!), and got outta Dodge. (Read: rant about our former landlord lady is forthcoming.)

Then, we made the long, loong, loooooooooong drive through Kansas, to Denver, Colorado. No sooner did we cross the border than we hit a monster thunderstorm that rocked through CO on Saturday. Thunder and lightning? Check. Pounding rain? Check. Tornado warning (waited out at a truckstop)? Check. More pounding rain? Check. Driving 45 on the interstate with limited visibility? Check. Baby who is sick of the carseat and letting us know it? Check? No fewer than three ugly car accidents (and associated rubbernecking)? Check.

After exhausted screaming comes a nap with your puppy.

By the time we got to our place-for-the-month in Denver, we were beat. No. Beat is a drastic understatement. At least Clare fell asleep in the car outside of Denver and stayed asleep through a transfer to her pack-n-play.

Thank you God for getting us here safely and for that little Clare-transferring miracle.

Sunday was mass and lunch with Charles' siblings and their families. His sister has 3 dogs and is dog-sitting 2 more. Clare was in hog puppy heaven. And trying to get ready to send Charles off to his new rotation on Monday. You know, minor detail.

Our first pager. Presumably not our last. Royal our.

Yesterday, Charles started up his new rotation (so far, rotation = love) and I got us somewhat organized at the house, so it feels more livable (instead of crap scattered everywhere Ashley insane driving).

[Instagrammified] My little bookworm undoing all of my organizing.

After allllllllllllllll of that, I finally feel human and my typing fingers are feeling itchy. :) In other words, I'm baaaaack.

{Also, linking up with Medical Mondays (From a Doctor's Wife and Your Doctor's Wife), since this whole thing is, you know, the result of the Med School journey!}

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  1. Thanks for linking up with Medical Mondays. I can totally commiserate with falling off the blog wagon, and we all need little breaks like that when life happens. Congratulations on a successful move, full deposit return, and first pager!


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