Friday, August 23, 2013

7 Quick Takes, Vol. 34

Linking up with Jen and the rest for 7 Quick Takes.

1. One of the things I'm really, really enjoying about Denver is the chance to spend time with Charles' family. We see his brother and nephew a couple of times a year, but we/I see the others pretty sporadically. It has been nice to see all of them more regularly. And seeing teenage boys dote on a baby(ish) girl is muy heartwaring.

2. Speaking of his stellar siblings, Charles' brother decided he needs some bonding time with Clare before he starts back at school on Monday, so he's Bear-sitting while Charles and I go to dinner and a movie tonight. An out-of-the-house date night is long overdue, so I'm mega excited.

3. And my sister sent Clare a new puppy book that we opened this morning. Needless to say, I think we've already read it 10ish times.

4. Ahh!!! I don't know why I keep forgetting to blog mention that we "called it" and declared that Clare took her first independent steps on Sunday evening. She walked from UncleGodfather's coffee table to the waiting cup of milk he was holding with no prompting, stabilizing, or forcing! I saw it, but Charles was outside and only got to hear. After I ran out and told him, of course. She's getting a bit more confident with a few daily steps, and I think we'll have a walker before we know it.

5. Of course, she's already a climber. Yesterday, I stepped out of the room for a minute and a came back to find her on top of allllllll her puppies and babies. 'Cause a girl can never have too many puppies, I guess?!? Crazy dog lady in the making.

6. The plan for tomorrow is to spend the day up in the mountains and I can't wait. A little getaway. Lunch in a cute cafe. Cool mountain air. Sounds like just what the doctor ordered!!

7. Tomorrow is my father in law's 75th birthday! Happy Birthday, Don!! We're sorry we're here and not there to celebrate with you, but we'll see you next week!! Love, love, love you!

Have a lovely weekend, all!

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  1. Found you over at Conversion Diary. We just had our first and named her Claire and we call her our little Claire Bear. Your Clare is a doll.


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