Wednesday, August 7, 2013

What We're Reading Wednesday

I am in a crabby mood. Books make me happy. Thus, I'm going to blather about books for a couple of paragraphs and call it a post. And link up for What We're Reading Wednesday.

Technically, I'm between books. I haven't started anything new, though Flight Behavior by Barbara Kingsolver is on my reader, but I haven't been able to get more than a couple of pages into it. Last week though, I finished breaking a promise I made to myself.

I promised myself that I wouldn't read the Divergent books until October when Allegiant comes out. Then, long story short, I checked out Divergent. I loved it. I was so intrigued by the premise and the factions and figuring out the world Veronica Roth created with all of Tris' initiation stuff happening on the side (in my head). Aside from the too-obvious love story, I really enjoyed it. In a way, I even appreciated the obvious-ness of the love story.


So, of course that meant I needed to read Insurgent. While I know that this opinion would illicit flames from a million fangirls, I didn't love it as much. Sure, I tore through it. Sure, there was good character development. Sure, there was more stuff built up about Roth's universe. But I wasn't real surprised by the big reveal at the end -- I didn't predict it exactly, but, eh. And there was an awful lot of action sequences, which just never do it for me. So I skim. I guess that helps with the tearing through the book thing.


At this point, I can patiently wait for Allegiant, the 3rd book in the trilogy, until October whenever I am able to get the book from my library.
And yes, I'll definitely drag Charles to see the movie. Great date, right?!? That will be the plan. Inevitably, we will never get around to it and will be renting it from RedBox in a year.

Clare, meanwhile, has been loving her Bible for Little Ones. She like to look at the pictures, and yesterday, she even snuggled up and let me read her the whole thing. It is a very sweet, condensed version of Salvation History. It is light on the Gospel, but there is a companion Gospel for Little Ones that we also have to fill that gap. I think it says ages 18 months plus on it, so you can do your parent math for age-appropriateness.  It also has something of a touchey-feely bend to it, but I don't know that at age 1, my kid needs to be exposed to the theology of redemptive suffering or some of the other, more hard-hitting realities of our faith. That will all come soon enough. Charles will be mad at me for sharing that he had some kind of allergic reaction by way of eye-watering the first few times we read it. Overall, I call it a big fat win.


Charles? He reads medical articles. I have nothing.

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  1. I must get Baby J some little bibles. Never read Barbara Kingsolver, though my SIL owns everything Barb ever wrote. Books cheer me up too. Even the smell of books. I often escape to the library after a bad day. It's cheaper than retail therapy. Thanks for linking up!

  2. Divergent is on my list of books to read so I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it. And you had me laughing about the medical articles. Lol.) ;-)


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