Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Some random observations

1. Most mornings, I get up around the same time as Charles, depending largely on when he gets up, and even more largely on when the baby gets up. My day is much, much better if I'm awake enough to have already poured a cup of coffee when Clare makes her early bird chirping. Today, I was rolled over and planning to get up when I heard the shower turn off. Two minutes later, I sat bolt upright remembering that I had forgotten to get the coffee ready last night. So, up I hopped to get 'er brewing. Priorities and all.

2. Speaking of really having my priorities straight, my big, huge, major victory of the week is successfully turning Clare into a ponytail wearing kiddo. Even if it is a tiny, goofy ponytail, I feel like it makes her a respectable baby instead of a ragamuffin baby.

3. Mint chocolate chip = happiness.

That is all.

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