Friday, July 12, 2013

7 Quick Takes, Vol. 29

Linking up with Jen and the Conversion Diary Crew for 7 Quick Takes.

1. Having been a desert-dweller pretty much my whole life, has caused me to be freakishly enchanted by rain. Being in a place where it rains more frequently than a) a handful of late summer afternoons in July and August, or b) January, is like being in a magical fairyland. Only this land is populated by rabbits and squirrels instead of nymphs and dwarfs. Or maybe it is a Disney fairyland.


2. It has been a week of celebrations 'round here. Our anniversary was low-key, buuuuut, I did manage to pull some Mexican food together. We had Mexican at our wedding, and Mexican last year, so I've decided it should be a tradition. Fiesta!

3. We also had a 2nd mini-celebration for Clare. (I still need to get a birthday party post up.) Mostly she got to destroy another cupcake after a very 21st Century rendition of "Happy Birthday" that included both sets of grandparents on FaceTime.

What? You gave it to me.

4. Charles, being way too sweet for his own good, likes to bring flowers home for his girls on special occasions. We have double bouquets. *swoon*

Anniversary flowers on the left; birthday flowers on the right

5. Clare is pretty much obsessed with playing peek-a-boo with her blankets. She does the peek-a-boo-ing, and laughs and laughs and laughs every.single.time. Adorable.

6. Sunday or Monday, Clare discovered that there is a deep range of her voice. It is hilarious to hear a baby with a voice that sounds like she has a 20 year pack-a-day habit practicing her vocabulary. Gruff "Baby." Gruff "Puppy." Gruffy "Happy." Then she, for example, throws her cup and wants us to get it, so she starts with the high-pitched scream. No extremes. Not around here.

7. I found this picture from our trip to Prescott last month on my phone the other day. I had totally forgotten about it, but it just makes me smile.

Just call me Diva and let me eat my fingers.

Happy Friday! Be sure to visit Jen's for more.

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  1. Clare is adorable, and those birthday flowers are gorgeous. And I'm totally with you on #1. I grew up in So. California, so pretty much any rain at all is mesmerizing.


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