Monday, June 30, 2014

Currently . . . (Vol. 4)

Linking up with A Mama Collective and Cassie for "Currently."

Thinking about: Small talk. I am in a small talk season of life. I am not good at it. I am good at long, deep conversations. I am good at listening. I am good at joking with people who get my dry, sarcastic sense of humor. I am not good at idle chit chat as I encounter new people, feel out the water for new friends, and engage the mom pushing the swing next to me. Small talk is hard for me. Yet, on occasion, I'm able to get outside of myself and do it (maybe even do it well). I'm pondering what differences there are those times when conversation is easy and when it is hard. It might to a long way to helping me meet people and make some positive connections along the way.
Reading: Summerland by Elin Hilderbrand. So two years ago? Oh well. I think the bigger news is that I actually checked out a grown-up book from the library and am actually reading a book. I've just done so little reading in the last few months, but there is something magical about frothy beach reads in the summer. My favorite thing about summer growing up was going to the library and checking out a stack of fun, easy reads that I tore through all summer long.

Listening to: music on hold. Always joyful. A friend once worked for a telecom company, and taught me the correct term for it is, in fact, "music on hold" or "MOH," and that companies actually select what they use for MOH. I wouldn't be surprised if there were studies done showing what sorts of music are least aggravating for customers, how often there should be a "thanks for holding" and that sort of thing.
Watching: The light dance through the leaves and the wind blow the grass out our bay window that looks into the front yard. There is something beautiful and magical outside the window today. Maybe it's just the overwhelming feeling of hope that bubbles and brims over today. Maybe it's the humidity hanging thick in the air. Maybe it's the weather changing before my eyes. Maybe it's all in my mind, but it's enchanting. Together with the elevator music soundtrack, my mind keeps wondering.

That window right there -- paint preview free of charge.

Thankful for: July. July brings lots of good things in our family. Independence Day. Our anniversary. Clare's birthday. Most importantly, this year at least, is that July 1 is the "Medical New Year." Starting tomorrow, Charles will officially be a medical intern. I feel like the last many weeks have been one long transition, one change after another. And they have been good, beautiful changes, but they have been changes all the same. Tomorrow, Charles will walk out the door and he will go to work (real work, not school that's work that we call work but is really school -- did you follow?). As far as I know, things will have a chance to settle into the daily rhythm of everyday life. No changes for awhile. Thankful for the beauty of the mundane.


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  1. Ashley totally feel ya on the small talk thing!! And so happy for July! Yea!! Thanks for linking up this week =)


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