Thursday, June 19, 2014

Peter -- 2 months

Peter's 2 month birthday was celebrated in the middle of packing and moving and graduation festivities, so I didn't have a chance to write up his 2 month update!

We took him to his doctor's appointment before we left, and he's continuing right along his tall and thin (but not too skinny) curve. He's wearing 0-3 month clothes, but some of his sleepers are starting to get too short.

He's still a rock star nurser (as witnessed by his growth curve!), and a pretty good sleeper. He will sleep really well a few nights in a row and then regress.

He's starting to enjoy his baths more -- being in the water, he is clam and happy. Getting out of the water and being cold is another story!

He's been a little bit fussier this month, and has also started spitting up more. I still can't say that he spits up as much as Clare, but she was quite the Spit Up Princess.

He is all smiles and giggles and coos, which makes everything worth it! He's got a couple of little dimples and a twinkle in his eye. I have a feeling he's going to be quite the heartbreaker!

I managed to get some pictures on the 7th, but the camp chair is not nearly as condusive to baby pictures as the glider. C'est la vie (and memories!).

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