Friday, August 22, 2014

7 QT, Vol. 74

Joining the 7 Quick Takes Club with what are really 5 Quick Takes. Linking with Jen.

1. I looked down the other day, and there Peter was, sucking on his feet. With Clare, she worked so hard on that, it was a major milestone for all of us. Peter, on the other hand, just did it. He's also working really hard on rolling and sitting and running a 4 minute mile. Crazy baby!

2. Things Peter will be glad not to remember, but I don't want to forget:

First tea party

Clare let him try on her headband. That is love.

3. Clare, meanwhile, is turning into quite the 2 year old. If it can be done, she wants to do it herself. She's more interested in playing than most anything else. We are going to the park so that she can run around and burn some energy. She's got the attention span of a 5 year old and the attitude of a 15 year old. She keeps me on my toes these days, that's for sure!

Girly girl with a pile of (belated) birthday presents

4. This week, I officially feel like I have me feet back under me, for the first time in a long time. I don't think I realized how long I'd been trapped in the hamster ball until I started feeling better about things. But getting out and about, getting better sleep (thanks, Baby Peter and Sleep Sheep!), and getting Peter into more of a routine has me feeling like the newborn fog has fully lifted and that we're pretty settled in post-move. We're even starting to investigate the Kansas political scene, since there are elections this fall and all. #informedvoters

5. The sure sign that I didn't know was a sure sign that I'm out of survival mode: next week, salads are coming back for dinner! Apparently my feelings about salads are cyclical in pregnancy. As a rule, I try to make salads with dinner most nights -- once you get into the routine of prepping lettuce in advance, it doesn't take too long, and adds some veggies to the ol' diet. Generally, we use some kind of vinaigrette. Midway through both pregnancies, I decided I was craving thick, gooey salad-bar style Italian dressing, and with Peter, that turned into the only dressing I could eat! Yum!! Then, by the end of pregnancy and the crazy, survival-mode newborn days, I lost the energy to even pull salads together -- it was just a bit more time on my feet or a bit more time in the kitchen while the kiddos were being their most angelic selves. So the fact that salads are back is a good sign! Yay! #eat your veggies

6. Apparently, I decided to go hashtag crazy this morning. #apologies.

7. Okay, that was terrible. I'm going to finish my being productive this week so that we can have fun this weekend chores! Two days off off off -- we're excited!

Have a lovely weekend!

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