Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Currently, Vol. 5

Joining A Mama Collective and Natasha for Currently.

Thinking about . . . Blogging stuff. I love my little blog, and I love being able to share myself in writing, which is the way I share myself best. I find myself wondering about what more I want (or don't want) out of the blog. I have no interest in changing my content to gain readers or fit formulas or maximize hits or whatnot. That's not why I write, and I can never write if it isn't authentic (or assigned!). I also have been contemplating watermarking (or otherwise identifying) my pictures. I'm juuuuuust starting to toy with graphics (because it's fun!). I'd, in theory, love to use more good pictures (and fewer iPhone pictures), but who are we kidding. Most of my photography these days is on my always-handy iPhone, which better allows me to capture those fleeting moments in my kids' lives. And as worthy and uplifting a hobby as blogging has been for me, my vocation to that of a wife and mother. I don't want this to take away from that. Don't worry, family, the blog isn't going anywhere. I'm just thinking about stuffs. :)

Reading . . . I finally jumped on the bandwagon and read The Fault in our Stars and, I hate to say it, but meh. I found the whole thing painfully predictable, and as if they were trying too hard to make me cry. I choked up maybe a little, but I actually found myself relating more to the parents than the star-crossed teens. How lame and grown up of me. I actually got to the end, and thought, "Wait! What! Where is the profound truth or dramatic tears I was waiting for?!?" Maybe I need to go back and reread the end or something.

Loving . . . Back to School season! Even though I'm not going back, and Clare still has some time, my heart gets all twitterpated seeing school supplies and backpacks and clothing ads. And my Facebook newsfeed is starting to feature more and more First Day of School posts. Ahhh!!! Since we really don't know where we'll be 3 years from now, we haven't made any decisions about schooling for our kids, but I loved school. I still love school. I love learning. I truly hope to pass that along to the kiddos, whatever decision we make. And Charles and I both love school/office supplies, so I assume that my kids are genetically predisposed to the same.

Thankful for . . . family time this weekend. Saturday, we were able to go to the park and then grill brats for dinner. Sunday, in spite of splitting Mass to accommodate Clare's lingering cough, we were able to get out for the evening, making a lap around the mall and getting pizza.

Planning . . . I'm all about meal planning lately. I have a serious desire to stock pile all the meat and all the non-perishables. Right now, I'm planning and shopping for two weeks at a time (with at least one quick trip to the store for fresh foods like milk and produce), but I'm wondering if I could make a month work. Maybe once we have a better feel for Charles' (ever-changing) schedule I can give it a go.

Dreaming . . . of a giant pantry, chest freezer, and space to create the food-prep/meal planning world of my dreams. Alas, maybe someday.

Praying . . . a special intention for a dear family member. And, as is so often the case, my heart turns to Psalm 121.

My first ever graphic. Proud of myself.

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  1. Hiya,
    Dropping by from the Currently link up.
    I totally get the blogging sentiments. It kills the creative flow if I try to do too much for link ups, etc. Or for money, readership, etc....
    I figure folks like my posts or they don't. Sigh.

    Great post, by the way. Blessings.

  2. I was totally meh about The Fault in our Stars, too! It was a nice, easy read but... Yeah, I was expecting a lot more profundity, and it was just kind of a typical YA novel where the characters all happened to have cancer.


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