Friday, August 29, 2014

7 Quick Takes, Vol. 75

'Cause it's Friday y'all. Joining Jen.

1.This week has sort of slipped by, time just passing from one day to the next without anything too remarkable/terrible/crazy/wonderful to show for it. It was just a week lived. Nothing wrong with that, of course, but it makes sitting down to write more challenging.

2.The most noteworthy part of our week has been dealing with Clare. I love my sweet, wonderful, adorable, hilarious, smart, curious girl to no end, but the toddler thing is just exhausting. Answering one million questions. Redirecting. Coming up with consequences (regardless of whether I actually have to dole them out). Dealing oh-so-patiently (or trying to) with outbursts and tantrums. Ohmygosh. It just exhausts.

But still so sweet.

3. She's also obsessed with her toys. I love watching her play -- and really play -- with her toys. It's amazing to me to see my baby suddenly playing -- having her Little People do things and mixing and matching little trinkets and having so much fun. Until she decides she wants to play instead of whatever it is I actually need her to do. I mean your responsibilities at 2 are pretty limited, but it's still a struggle. (See #2, above.)

4. And the little guy? He just keeps on keeping on with his sunny little disposition, goofy grin, and getting too big and strong antics. Where did my tiny baby go? I mean, I know he's only 4 months, but . . . yep, I'm that mom.

5. Last weekend, we were able to take a walk down by the river as a family. It's amazing how wonderful simple family time feels when you're deprived of it like we were last month. Bliss.

6. In weather news (in other words, feel free to skip to the end), the weather guy the other day was saying that we might have had our last 100 degree day of the season. No promises, ever, with the weather, but that is so amazing after so many loooong summers in Arizona.

7. Ready for a lovely (maybe rainy?) long weekend! We're really lucking out with Charles being off for the long weekends so far -- he's off on Monday! Yay!

Have a lovely weekend! Stay safe and dry and enjoy the last days of "official" summer!

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