Saturday, August 9, 2014

Peter - 4 months

Peter turned 4 months on Thursday -- I am trying to savor each moment with him in a different way than I did with Clare, because I realize that the time goes so quickly. For example, I'm trying to enjoy each snuggle, because soon he's going to be sitting and then crawling and then into everything, and not wanting to chill with his Mama.

He is the happiest baby. He is always smiling, is quick to laugh, and is a total flirt.

His eyes are almost entirely brown now, with just a slight ring of blue left.

His head control is great. He can readily roll from belly to back and can roll back to belly, though I haven't actually seen it. I have found him on his belly a couple of times when I know I had left him on his back. He can also do it if he's not strapped into the swing and such. I little more back strength, and I'll be able to carry him on my hip, and we'll all be a little bit happier.

He loves hanging out in the bouncy seat.

I suspect another book lover on my hands. Clare and I have started reading him board books, which makes him smile and smile.

He is the most inconsistent sleeper. I never know if I'm putting him down for 15 minutes or for the night.

He is pretty much totally in 3-6 month/6 month clothes. I actually really love his current wardrobe, so I'm okay with that. :-)

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