Friday, October 17, 2014

7 Quick Takes, Vol. 72

Joining Jen and her Merry Band of Bloggers.

1. Haven't done much blogging this week, but I anticipate that that's about to change. Charles has a tough rotation coming up, which means I expect plenty of time to pound out some ideas. Famous last words. ;-)

2. On Tuesday, we went to the pumpkin patch with our play group. Clare had a blast! Peter was less than impressed by the wind. Next year, hopefully, he'll feel differently.

Choo choo!

Over the bridge, headed to fun!

Riding the bus

Delighted by the animals, and saying, "hello."

Why do I have to stop for a picture?

This is his "unimpressed" face.

3. Then we came home, and I made the kids participate in a little photo shoot. Bonus neighborhood glimpses for curious family members. I'll do a home tour one of these days.

Front yard

Front porch (via Instagram)

4. Photo dump skip. #youarewelcome

5. Look at how high Peter is lifting himself up in those pictures. We're anticipating him being on the move soon. Kid is so eager to crawl, it is pathetic. I'm torn between excited for him and dreading the soon-to-follow into-everything phase. Enjoying the (relative) quiet while I can!

6. Good things come in 3s: 1) Real Top Chef is ba-ack!! 2) Date night this weekend! 3) Feeling good about our new parish -- thank you God for putting us here! That's a lot of yay!

7. Oh, and a bonus that, as soon as we move to Kansas, the Kansas City Royals are everyone's favorite Cinderella story. We believe!

That's all for today. Have a lovely weekend!

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