Thursday, October 23, 2014

Nice Job -- Theme Thursday

Since getting a new camera for my birthday, I've decided to start playing along with Theme Thursday. I might not be using a fancy-looking DSLR, but I've got a good point and shoot -- and frankly, I'm still in auto shooting mode anyway. ;-) (But of course, we're still working through the issue of my camera and computer not liking each other, so I'm having to route through my iPhone to post. Hence the cropping issues. Boo!)

I interpreted the theme a bit differently, mostly because I'm squealing, "Good job, Buddy!" 4396 times daily. There is something about my kids learning to crawls that gets me all worked up. I think because there are so many little steps they go through in the process. And I celebrate all of them. Also why I talk about it pretty incessantly. He'll eventually crawl and I'll start talking about something else.

None of which matters, since there are no rules for this. But there's a reason Wordless Wednesday doesn't work for me. ;)

Without further ado, I present "The Inchworm: A Photo Series." (As I've been typing, he's worked his way to the toddler toys. Waiting for Clare to freak out in 3...2..1...)

Visit Cari at Clan Donaldson for prettier, more artistic photos. ;-)

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  1. Wonderful. I'm the same way telling my kids great job for just about anything. =)


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