Wednesday, March 13, 2013

5 Favorites (Vol. 2)

I'm going with a random list of 5 loves this week as I link up with Hallie and the others at


1. The word "nefarious." I started using it at random to describe the motives of people who might want to steal the Conclave ballots or otherwise undermine the Conclave, and it stuck. Gotta love a good vocabulary word.

Thanks Google search

2. Colored pants. Every time they come around I.just.can' I've been holding out, but am now seeking out some fun spring bottoms, which I'm sure I'll swear off of, again, in approximately 12 months. Oh, ye fickle fashion gods. Thank goodness (for the wallet) that finding pants that fit is even harder post-baby than it was before.
Via Gap - obviously not spending $70 on this whim.

3. I am also totally wanting a maxi skirt, which I'm sure my tiny frame (blame God) will regret. Comfy skirts are the only way to survive AZ summers (when cooling off means 105), though, and my old standbys are in sad shape. Seriously, I would not be freaked out if kilts caught on here for just that reason.

Via Old Navy

4. Whole chickens. Seriously, they were buy one get one free at the store this week, so I got two for $8 (that's $4 each!), and destroyed them yesterday morning. I made a batch of stock and froze the other carcass for use later. Makes me feel so domestic, frugal and productive. My freezer is now full of chicken yummyness.

Hormone lovin', cage livin' chicken

5. My journal. After writing pretty spottily for the last few years, I've finally been drawn back into journaling in my actual (now ancient) paper-and-pen journal in the last few days. I had forgotten how much easier it is for me to converse with God when I'm writing than when I'm trying to just sit and listen or sending up my all-day-running-commentary and pleas to help the baby pleeeeeeeeeease sleep tonight. Not that sitting and listening is bad, but having a conversation with God is the best, however it comes.

This is the gorgeous number I've been using for too many years now.

Thanks again for hosting! This is so much fun!

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  1. LOVE those skirts, too! These are great. Whole chickens are so perfect for stock..maybe I'll make some this weekend.

  2. You're so right. "Nefarious" is such a great word. I really need to put it into regular rotation around here. ;)

    Thanks so much for linking up!


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