Friday, March 8, 2013

7 Quick Takes, Vol. 15

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Linking again today. What else is new lately? This time, I'm predictably linking up with Jen and the rest of the 7 Quick Takes regs (after 15 rounds, I've decided to count myself in that group). Content of my very own coming soon, I promise.

1. *10 day old Top Chef spoilers if anyone still cares or is unspoiled*
Sorry, sometimes it takes me awhile to get around to watching things, so do unto others and stuff. Anyway, this seems like an appropriate reasonable good enough place to vent about something as trivial as the Top Chef finale. Even though I preferred Brooke, Kristen was clearly a talented chef and worthy winner. Whatever. What annoyed me was the head to head "rounds" format of the finale. When the time was ticking away and they were still on the fourth course, it became increasingly clear that there wasn't time for a fifth course, so Kristen, with her 2 courses to 1 lead, was going to win. That's just not the way I want my TV ruined. HARUIMPH! Moving on . . .

2. Oh, Anonymous, I subsequent you, too. I know you're not a robot or anything. We'll live and love together forever scamming selling iPhone cases. It will be beautiful. I know it.

3. Speaking of comments, I feel like it's been said a million times, by other people whose blogs are read by looooots more people than my little blog, but please, please, please (with sprinkles and a cherry) make sure your email address is connected to your comment so that I can respond to you instead of my not-bff "noreply-comment." K? Thanks. (And thanks to Grace for the stolen tutorial. And thanks to the persons from whom she stole it.)


And if you prefer not being replied to, know that I really, truly appreciate your comments all the same.

4. I expected a lot of things from Clare learning how to crawl. Clumsiness was not one of them. It seems like she is constantly hitting her head on something. I guess I always thought it was more of a fall down and hit your head thing than a lift your head up and hit your head thing.

That blurry little head is just looking to get bonked...

5. I've been referring to Clare as a diva-in-training since she held her hand in front of her face throughout her entire ultrasound (to the point they struggled getting some of her head/face measurements),

Please, no pictures! I'm not wearing any lipstick!

but this pretty much seals the deal.

Tongue? Nail file? Not 16? Oh my.

6. In an effort to not waste three ugly overripe bananas, I made banana bread the other day. Given the whole Lent thing, I went with this recipe, instead of the numerous, yummy chocolate-including things I found alllllllllllllll over the internet. I'm not a huge banana bread person (thus the chocolate temptation), but this came out well with just the right amount of banana.

7. Yesterday morning, I made sure to snap a sweet picture of Clare with her Piglet lovey that we I've re-named Piglotta to capture this sweet phase of her life. And to remind myself that she does sleep sometimes when I need that bolster.

All Instagrammed and stuff, 'cause I'm that mom.

Hap-hap-happy to the Friday!

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