Friday, March 15, 2013

7 Quick Takes, Vol. 16

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Sweet 16. 'Nuff said. Joining Jen.

1. Love his model of humility and service already. There is a heart for the poor in this house, and it seems to be shared by our Holy Father in a very real way.


2. Yesterday, Clare and I shared our first mother-daughter pedicure. Thanks to the sudden onset of sandal weather here in Phoenix, I threw some polish on my naked tootsies. Clare, of course, was not content with her sippy cup of water and really want the polish instead. It was like playing keep-away with a very curious puppy. Andi will be proud.

3. I'm still deciding what St. Patrick's Day is going to look like here. We'll wear green, of course, but I'm not generally big on "holidays" that are just an excuse to drink. On the other hand, I am nothing if not festive, so I imagine that I'll make up some treats or something. In future years, I'll make festive food (since we'll be doing family stuff this year, I'll hold off for a year) for sure!

Maybe be a little something?

4. Last weekend, we hung Clare's baby swing (which had been a Christmas present -- thanks Grandad and BG!) on the patio and have enjoyed the fresh air and flying baby!


5. With Selection Sunday and March Madness looming, I must make my allegiances known. Bear Down! (Love of University of Arizona Basketball is a birthright. And also my Alma Mater Go Cats!)


6. Yes, we're the Wildcats, but say Bear Down! There's a story. Also, our away color is navy, but the fans wear cardinal. Campus is also an oasis in the desert. What can I say? It's in the blood.

7. I've got nothing but wishes for a lovely weekend for all of you!

Go henceforth to Jen for better reads!

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  1. I'm loving all the images and stories of our new Pope and his humble acts of service. Have you seen the one floating around Pinterest of him, Pope Benedict, and Pope John Paul II all together? I couldn't find the original source, but it's a great picture.

    My 7 Quick Takes post is HERE if you'd like to take a peek! :)

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  3. I *am* proud :) I can't wait till she's big enough for a real pedi! Eeeeee!!! and Go Cats! (P.S. Tell my internet to stop being spotty and messing with my comments.)


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