Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Rich Blessing of Family

Contrary to my bragging self of late, the best thing about living in Phoenix is not avoiding the snow shovel and the parkas on the daily. It's the fact that we live super close to plenty of family. We are ridiculously blessed in that department.

On Sunday, two of my cousins and their zoos (We always called the other families zoos growing up. Only as a parent do I full understand the truth to that title) gathered at my aunt's house to celebrate 1 million 4 (I've been told I have an exaggeration problem. I don't see where anyone Charles would get such an idea.) family birthdays, including my Nanny's 95th!! It was an idyllic day of kids playing, husbands NASCAR watching, wives chatting, baby passing (so, of course Clare loved it!), and plenty of yummy food.

2 Birthdays Cake

Nanny and 8 of her great-grandchildren

Yesterday, Charles' parents came over for pizza and to visit us the baby. His mom had the best time playing with Clare, and he got some awesome shots.

 I think Clare had a pretty great time, too.

I've always been very aware of how important family is, but now that I'm an adult, I recognize it more each day. I don't know where the next few years will take us, so I am soaking up the moments now.

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