Monday, March 18, 2013

Luck O' the Irish

As luck would have it, I failed to take a picture of Clare yesterday in her sweet mint green day I may or may not have staged some, just because I can't resist.

I'm not a big fan of holiday clothes with cute slogans and pictures on them. First, because I'm not a big fan of writing on clothes generally (sweatshirts are pretty much my only exception), and second (and more importantly), because it seems like such a waste to spend any money on clothes that will only be worn once. Anyway, I was excited to spot this sweet mint green dress on sale and got it a smidge big so that it will last her as a church dress through the summer. Win. Win.

Puppy Book + Tongue = 100% Clare

After meeting Charles' parents for Mass yesterday morning, we spent the afternoon at their house. Added bonus: his brother/best friend/Clare's godfather was in town, so we had fun hanging out as a family. Clare even had her first real playground experience (I think Charles has pictures, so I'll use them for a lazy blog post later in the week). It also happens that I left my camera out there, so those pictures will also be donated to future blog usage. Perhaps most exciting of all, I got to eat my first corned beef and cabbage.

Yep, growing up, my parents always went to a friend's St. Patrick's Day party (and it wasn't a kid friendly event), so they ate the good stuff while we had pizza or whatever with a sitter. As a result, the favorite food of a nation full of Irish wanna-bes never passed my lips. Not surprisingly, I enjoyed the results and will enjoy making proper celebratory food in years to come.

Lastly, I dug into my Pinterest library, and found this recipe I'd been wanting to try. It fit my needs of "easy" and "transportable" and "would be a good dessert." It was not green, but you can't win 'em all. Anyway, they were super-easy (and I even had to make my own graham cracker crumbs -- thanks food processor!), and yummy. I used semi-sweet chocolate, and would recommend the same to anyone else, because otherwise it might get too sweet. But if super-sweet is your thing, the milk chocolate would probably be good. Just don't say I didn't warn you.


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