Friday, October 4, 2013

7 Quick Takes, Vol. 38

Joining Jen and friends for 7QTs.

1. People love to ask how things are going in _________. The thing though, is that (aside from my whining) life is life wherever we are. What we see outside the windows may change. The rooms may change. The number of people we know in an x-mile radius may change, but we don't change. One thing that has really helped Clare is keeping her routine. Meaning we still eat breakfast and lunch and dinner. We still get dressed and ready. We still play and read. Charles goes to "work" and comes home from work. The sun goes up. The sun goes down. Another day.

2. The real first-world-problem drag about this rotation is that I've hit that awkward point in pregnancy when my normal clothes are getting too tight and my maternity stuff is still too big. Packing was a drag (most forgiving items from both wardrobes ended up in the suitcase), and my wardrobe would be much more flexible at home. Like I say, total first-world-problem.

3. I swore way back when that on night that Charles can't be home for dinner I would at least occasionally indulge and make a real dinner that he wouldn't eat anyway. Don't get me wrong. I'm not above macaroni, hot dogs or grilled cheese. I'm sure those will be in heavy use on future night float rotations. But last night, I made a semi-homemade chicken potpie.I was inordinately proud of myself until I teeny bit of juice overflowed (and of course I didn't have a pan under the pie plate. Bad, Ash!!), and the drippings must have smoked enough to set the super sensitive (??) smoke alarm off. Thankfully, turning on the vent fixed it rapidamente, but there were a couple of highly frustrated minutes there.

Pre-baked beauty. Store bought crust. Someday, I'll master the real deal.

4. I'm excited for cool weather this weekend. I know, I know. No one cares about the weather. Especially normal fall weather. But oh my gosh!! I am so excited!!

5. Too much rambling about nothing? Photo break!!

Loving the yard!

6. Part II of surviving Night 1 of 2 (that ain't nothin'!!) of night shifts while we're here?!? Project Runway (in real time, what?!?) and mango sorbet. Yep. Wild. And. Crazy. But PR is making me think of this pretty green butterfly we see in the yard that is so beautifully camouflage with the plants. Train of thought? Time to put this post to a merciful end.

7. I'm just ready for the weeeeeeeeeeeekend. I love these glorious weekends on the road when Charles is off and we both feel able to take advantage and appreciate the time as a family fully. Contentment. Joy. Bliss.

Have a lovely weekend!

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