Friday, October 18, 2013

7 Quick Takes, Vol. 40

Linking up with Jen. And her flock of lovely, loyal Quick Takers.

1. I cut my thumb making dinner Wednesday night. It wasn't bad or deep or anything. But it is tender, and it is on the very top of my right thumb. The top of your right (or dominant) thumb is one of those corners of your body that you don't really realize how often you use until it's sore and covered in a band-aid. Fun.

2. Clare has two obsessions of the week. Both thanks to Fisher Price's Little People. The first is Let's Go to the Zoo. The second is Noah from Noah's Ark. She like the animals and all, but Noah seems like he has gone everywhere with us for the last 2 days. And the book -- well, it's a parent's worst nightmare when it comes to reading, but read it we do. It goes a little something like this:

Clare toddles over and shoves book in my face. Okay, we can read the Zoo book! We read one page (2 sentences) and start lifting the flaps and talking about the animals. She decides to stare obsessively at the snakes. We talk about the snakes saying "hiss" and I zone out for a second, because I've been talking about animal sounds for 5 minutes and can only say "hiss" so many times. I'm smacked out of it by the book being shoved back into my face. Oops! Yes, look at the monkeys! What do the monkeys say?

All day. Every day. At least it feels like it.


3. I'm delightfully entering the era of "only Mom can tell what Junior is saying." The other night, I was trying to convince Charles that there is, in fact, a difference between "Noah" and "giraffe" or "Nooooowuh" "guuuuwuh," as the case may be.

Snacks with Noooowah

4. Um, one week left in Wichita? How can that be?!? It's been a good 3 weeks. Maybe I'll have more reflections this time next week.

5. 16-weeks!! How can that be?!? I was terribly inconsistent about taking bump pics with Clare. I can't imagine I'll be any better this time around, but I'm currently convinced I'm going to look about the same for another 10 weeks (Ha!) while by baby catches up with the bloat, so I'm giving it a shot.

Bathroom shot, editing fail, and middle finger. The trifecta. And 15w6d, but close enough.

6. 16 weeks means baby is the size of an avocado. Maybe. Depending on who you ask. I enjoy the fruit/veggie comparisons while the baby is tiny and I find myself in awe at God's handiwork. You know, "Ohemgee! There is a really, little tiny person in there!!" Then, sometime around week 20, the comparisons get weird and/or confusing. Meanwhile, baby starts transforming from miracle to ninja. Which is a better game, Little One? Kick Mama in the Ribs or Use her Bladder as a Trampoline? At least that was my experience with Clare; we'll see what the coming months mean for the Bean. My guess is more of the same. :)

7. This happened. I wasn't planning on it, so I didn't have a comb. But my Mom-heart is happy.


Uh oh! is right!!

Have a lovely Friday!

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