Friday, October 11, 2013

7 Quick Takes, Vol. 39

It's Friday, what did you expect?!? Linking up with Jen.

1. I can't believe we're basically half-way through with our time in Wichita. The time so far has flown. It has been a great experience so far, and I have high hopes for these next two weeks.

More patio cuteness.

2. As we inch further and further into fall, I return to my annual perplexed state. When did Halloween turn into such a thing? I feel like there are two Halloween camps. The first loves Halloween as much, or more, than any other holiday ev-er. Decor pins on Pinterest. Food pins. And on and on. The second eschews Halloween as evil. Huh? I feel like the only person in the world (or at least access to Target) that has a wholly moderate view of the whole thing. I enjoy it for a day. I take cute pictures of my kid dressed up. Trick or treat or whatever. Move on with my life. Done, done, and done.

3. And when did Hocus Pocus become the it movie?!? I mean, I've seen it. Once. But I missed the memo on being obsessed with it. #outoftheloop

4. On the other hand, I am a big, fat, huge, massive fan of harvest fall. I'm a gigantic Thanksgiving geek. I am totally fine with pumpkins and gourds and Pilgrims and corn stalks. Team Turkey, fo' so'.

5. Speaking of holidays, Clare is going through her obsession with Mardi Gras beads phase, which she found in the play cabinet here. I guess I'm glad that it's now and not in college. Right?!?

Hard to see in the blur, but she's holding her beads and grinning.

6. Night-shift 2/2 for the rotation. Same dealio as last week: Project Runway in real time and the second half of my sorbet. Loverly.

7. I made these cake mix cookies this afternoon. I want to be anti-boxed cake mix, but the semi-homemade-ness of the recipe walked the line between my desire to bake and my limited supplies on the road. I used chocolate cake mix and chocolate chips. Charles thought they were a fantastic cookie-brownie hybrid. I thought they would have been better with peanut butter chips. Taste is subjective, I guess. *bigwink*

A small sampling

Have a lovely weekend!

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