Tuesday, June 11, 2013

11 (those are TWO ones!) months

A year in less than a month? Gulp. A birthday party in a couple of weeks? What to the what?

So, at 11 months, Clare:

- is talking up a storm. She has four or five occasionally discriminate words, depending on the day. "Baby" was her first official word.

- has four teeth, the bottom center pair and two fangs. Her two front teeth are bothering her, but have not yet made an appearance.

- is standing, pulling up and cruising with confidence! Independent walking right around a year? I think so.

- is too smart for her our own good.

- is a great eater! She loves food. Loves it.

- loves exploring and discovering.

- loves books, her puppy, her baby, and her phone.

- is taking two consistent naps and sleeping through the night (knock on wood).

- did not enjoy modeling for Mama, but I still managed to get some keepers!

Still flexible

Goofy teeth and goofy tongue

Ballerina/bow removal

How much longer?

I have a bow!

Clapping, laughing and showing off the teeth

I'm done.

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