Saturday, June 22, 2013

7 Quick Takes, Vol. 28

Saturday edition of Friday's Quick Takes Extravaganza with Jen and the rest.

We're house-and-dog sitting for my dad for the next week. We're miles away from the fire. The air is cool. Life is good. I'm loving our little getaway already.

We were given very specific instructions:

1. Feed and play with "the puppy."

 2. {Study for Step 2 -- blegh!}

3. Water the garden. Eat as much lettuce as we can.

4. {So Clare and I hit the Farmer's Market this morning to add to our fresh veggie riches.}

5. Have coffee on the porch.

6. And cocktails on the Adorondak chairs.

7. And dinner on the deck.

It's a tough life, but if someone's gotta live it, I'll accept the challenge!

Have a lovely weekend, and be sure to visit Conversion Diary for more!

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