Friday, June 7, 2013

7 Quick Takes - Vol. 26

Linking up with Jen and the other Quick Takers.

1. Charles' graduation is officially one year from yesterday! 364 days. Not that anyone is counting or anything. We're going to this year's graduation later this morning -- Charles is really excited, and I'm being a good wife. Needless to say, next year will be a very different story.


2. Yesterday, he rocked (I can say that because he felt good about it, which is rare for him as a test-taker, so I am confident saying as much) his professional exam. I'm a proud wife, too.

3. Meanwhile, yesterday was one of those mornings. I hadn't slept well because Charles was in Philly for his test. The baby woke up early, clearly with teething problems, since she was crying and pathetically holding her mouth. So sad. I thought I had a chance to get her back to sleep when the sprinklers for the back yard started -- and one of the drip ends blew, sending water allllllllllllll over the patio for a 4-or-whatever minute cycle. When that was done, we were up. I was glad for coffee. Leaving it at that.

Random baby pic to break up the talk-talk-talk

4. Grace has this cool link-up of people's favorites posts from their own blogs. I spent a lot of my waiting-for-hubby-to-get-home time last night reading through the entries. It's gives a real feeling of what a blog and person are about when you see the favorite posts. I linked this one, which I actually just hit publish on yesterday, but am proud of. I also thought about this one about Mother's Day and this one about motherhood. I don't know. I feel weird being publicly proud of my writing. Not all of it, certainly. But some of it.

5. I love the goal-setting energy of the 30 Under 30 lists that I've seen popping up around the ol' www. I would consider it, but that ship has sailed. 30 Under 40? 40 Under 40? Is 40 really the next milestone? Does 40 seem this old to all early 30s types? Cue existential crisis.

6. Do you ever get to Take 4 or 5 or 6 (or 2 or 3) and, running low on ideas scroll through your camera/phone to see if you have any unblogged photos to use as filler? Just me? Okay. That didn't just happen.

Any-way, a couple of weeks ago, we harvested our first tomatoes of the year. We aren't 100% happy with the quality, but we're happy to have them. We made some beginners mistakes that we won't repeat. All of that said, there is some real pride in food that you actually grew. Yourself. *happy sigh*

7. I don't know if you've been following Dweej's saga, but she needs prayers, so if you're willing, I know she'd appreciate it.

Have a most lovely weekend!

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