Saturday, June 1, 2013

7 Quick Takes, Vol. 25

1. I didn’t post 7QT or 5 Faves in the last week. I needed a little link-up/blogging break. I didn’t have much to say, so I decided not to say it instead of spending time filling the screen with my blathering. But now, I’m ba-ack! Even if it is already Saturday. I only have nominally more to say, but I’ll say it, by golly!

2. Charles is D.O.N.E. done with his 3rd year. No more rotations or clinic days or anything. He says he won’t “feel like it” until he finishes board exams in the next month or so, but since they aren’t required for promotion, I say he’s done. 4th year,

3. My chatterbox’s discernible vocabulary has expanded to include “Dada,” “Mama,” “Baybee,” “Puhpee,” and “’appy ‘appy ‘appy” (always in triple). At least to our ears. It might not be particularly exact, and she on command. Ever. Because she’s that kind of kid (funner toddler or teenager?). But she is a verbose genius.

Deciding how do style her locks.

4. I seem to be using a lot of emphatic periods in this post. Reasons? None in particular. Grammar strike? Perhaps.

5. I’ve been horrified by all the tornado terror in the last few weeks. Inhumane if you aren’t, I guess. Natural disasters are, to me, much more frightening that most anything. I mean, no human is in control. *shudder* Scary stuff. I’ve been sending up lots of prayers for those affected.

6. In the last day or so, Clare suddenly discovered how much of the kitchen she can access by opening the doors. Did you know that you can open doors that don’t have hardware on them? I was sort of hoping she’d never figure it out. Anyway, this is her “helping make dinner last night.” Her contribution? Air, slobber, and some Cheerios/stuff on the floor. Mmmm . . . doesn’t it make you hungry?

7. Um, it’s June. That’s means July is in a month. That means it’s summer. That means . . . I have some plans to get in order. Where did the time go? I keep asking, but seriously? Where did it goooooooooo?

Speaking of going, go ye off to Jen’s to read more thoughts from more people, many of whom got their acts together to post on Friday like good bloggers.

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