Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sunday Best

So, I have never linked up with the FLAP girls for myriad reasons. The two most important are 1) I wear the same handful of nice things to Mass pretty much all the time, so my posts would get repetitive quickly, and 2) I tend to not last long in my Mass clothes either before running out the door or after we get back home.

Not actually worn on Sunday, but eh, I like pictures in my posts.

In Clare's early days, there was spit-up involved in all those decisions that are now habit.

Anyway, my lack of selfie taking aside, I love the chance (thanks, Grace!) to grade my little Tornado's Mass behavior.

Today she was okay. She was pretty much quiet as long as you were standing and holding her and possibly moving. In other words, it was awful.

She gets a D. 

I am generous. I was going to give her a C- (mostly because I know it could be worse -- she could know how to walk). Charles voted for an F. I convinced him to raise it to a D because "she was quiet if you held her just right."

Grace has outfits and report cards. Enjoy!

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