Sunday, January 13, 2013

2012 in 12 Pictures

Linking up with Dweej, as promised, for a 2012 recap. So, here is my 2012 in pictures (and captions, 'cause I just can't resist and I wasn't blogging for most of it anyway).

Yes, that is the inside of Hubster's esophagus. He was showing this off for weeks.
It's a girl!
He didn't seem to get any bigger.
While I was getting bigger (and more annoyed with having my picture taken).
Good-bye from my sweet students
The nursery is ready to go!
She's here (and slept in that bassinet for like 5 minutes)!
My loves
Meeting Uncle Godfather Z, in town for her baptism
Lil Pumpkin
Forced to be a "turkey" on my good platter

Christmas with Mama and Auntie

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  1. Your little one and Mary are almost the same age! Isn't this stage so fun? Love how much they absorb and learn every day. It's amazing. I want coffee.


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