Friday, January 25, 2013

7 Quick Takes, Vol. 9

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 204)

Yesterday's optimism has turned into a big pile of whiny.  Blah. Linking up with Jen and the rest anyway.

1. A good chunk of it has come in the form of sudden onset sleep regression. I don't know if it is the cough or Little's sudden desire to flip onto her tummy when she's going to sleep (v. occasionally when she's already asleep) and then start screaming as if this "tummy" thing is the equivalent of an unmedicated root canal, or mere manipulation based on us deciding that crying and coughing were not an acceptable mix. The last two days though have not been pleasant in the sleep sense.

2. Seriously, it's amazing how quickly the body gets used to having sleep again. Even with Miss Not Sleeping Pants, I'm getting way more sleep than in the early days, but am way more cranky about it.

3. Scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being a trip to the confessional, how bad would cheering myself up by baking off some frozen cookie dough really be?

4. Is it me, or is everyone in the world having boys lately? I have at least three inner circle peeps who are having boys in the next few months, along with many other acquaintances, but I can only think of one person I know who is pregnant and having a girl. No, wait. Two people. Last year, I was gestating the only girl-baby in my circle. At least Little will have a choice of pre-screened boyfriends if she is ever allowed to date, in-utero baby boy who is also a blood relative notwithstanding.

5. Seriously, the English language needs more descriptive words for relationships. "Friend" doesn't really clarify whether I mean bff or person I accepted on FB who I went to kindergarten with. "Acquaintance" is accurate for all for FB peeps, but sounds strangely formal and makes me wonder why I would know about their gestational status at all. I should blame the weird world of FB, but I'll blame English language vocabulary instead.

6. I don't want to get all political, but it's on my heart and mind, so I'll just mention that my prayers are with the March(es) for Life and participants today.

7. The benefits of having Student Dr. Daddy around:

After-hours health monitoring


  1. We are also having sleep regression due to almost the exact same situation! And you are right. The body quickly adjusts to more sleep and is UNHAPPY when it is taken away:) This too shall pass...hang in there momma!

  2. As for your #3- I would totally rate cheer-me-up cookies as a -8 on the badness scale. That makes it positive goodness. ;)


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