Friday, January 18, 2013

7 Quick Takes, Vol. 8

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1. Someone who less than 3 feet tall and is not independently mobile slept through the night three night in a row this week! I didn't sleep through the night any nights in a row. Last night we fell off the wagon, but I feel like we've turned the corner toward regular sleep -- or as regular as parent-sleep ever gets.

2. Little has developed a fascination with sticking her tongue out. It is all kinds of adorable.

I found my tongue!

3. I have decided that every time I restack the stacking rings, Little thinks I've undone her hard work at scattering them all over her blanket. She totally gives me that look of, Mama, you're sooooo lame. Random mom-musing.

4. Seriously, this week has dragged. I felt grrrreat on Monday, because I got all kinds of stuff done. Then, Tuesday we had a great well-child check, but that comes with immunizations. Those always make her cranky, so we ended up with two days of extra-fussy baby-ness and shut-in stir-crazy mom-ness.

5. Now, I think she has a little bit of a cold. She's fine. I know because she seems perfectly content, just with a runny nose (that she does NOT want cleaned) and an occasional cough. I know I need to count my blessings and thank and praise God that she has had nothing worse than this in her 6 months of life, but my first time mom self can't help but feel a little bit ill at ease. Student Dr. Dad and his ability to give me a list of warning signs to look out for the worst-case-scenario doesn't help. Not one.little.bit.

6. That said, I need to see the sun, and will be hitting Target later, to get out the house if nothing else. I think I'm supposed to buy baby saline as well. While I'm there, I expect death glares from other parents who wonder why I would bring my (slightly) sick baby to a sterile environment like Target with the express purpose of getting their perfect, germ-free children sick.

7. Speaking of, my big illness-related pet peeve: when people speculate or are confused by where/how their kids got sick. Germs are everywhere! Put your kid in a bubble or expect them to get sick occasionally. Encourage good hygiene and eat relatively ok (yes, that was meant to be a low bar). Then live a life free of fear of not having used anti-bacterial wipes on the monkey bars. I mention this primarily to encourage people to smack me upside the head if I ever 1) speculate as to where my kid(s) get sick, 2) use wipes on playground equipment.

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