Monday, January 28, 2013

Meal Plan Monday, Vol. 9

Woo hoo for a new week. We had a lovely, busy, rainy weekend. Today, Charles starts his first day of his psychology rotation, and we're optimistic about it: new experience, short commute, no tie. It's also his last shelf-exam-requiring rotation for the academic year, so we're excited for that, too. Miss Little is fiiiiiiiiinally feeling better and has renewed her interested in getting mobile by going from sitting to belly to get to her toys. She even managed all fours once.

The house is a disaster from our 3/4 finished weekend home improvement project (more later -- with pictures!), so I'm not yet sure what order we're going to eat these, but they're all easy and flexible, so we'll see as things go. This is my best guess!

Saturday - Sandwiches (home improvement)

Sunday - Ground beef and veggie soup, bread

Monday - Red beans and rice with turkey kielbasa

Tuesday - Baked Ziti, salad

Wednesday - Everything chicken tenders, spinach, couscous

Thursday - Chicken Teriyaki, brown rice

Friday - Spinach lasagne rolls, salad

Gratuitous, random, blurry baby picture. You're welcome.

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