Friday, January 11, 2013

7 Quick Takes, Vol. 7

Why yes, I have been a mom of an outside baby for a big 6 months and 1 whole day. Even so, I've learned a lot about myself and about mommyville in that time. Thus, for 7 Quick Takes today, I'm going to share my thoughts. Because I am clearly an expert.

I taught Mama everything she knows.

1. I have to take a shower and "get ready" every day. I learned a lot from watching too many episodes of What Not to Wear in college. Real pants take about as much time to put on as sweats. Having a 5-minute face (make-up routine) makes pulling yourself together easy-peasy. I just plain feel better if I wear real clothes (at least until I've been spit-up on), a smidge of make-up, and do my hair (even if it is just pulled into a ponytail). Right now, it's easy, because I can take a leisurely morning-nap shower. I know it will get harder someday. I'm enjoying the easy while I can.

2. Finding a way to drink an extra cup of coffee makes a huge difference. It might be after my nap-time shower while perusing blogs (what?). It might be sitting on the floor playing stacking rings. It might be while reading Brown Bear, Brown Bear yet again (already). It is a great pick-me-up emotionally as much as caffeine-wise.

3. On the topic of sustenance and how good it is body and soul: Eat! No matter how busy, how hard, how inconvenient, eating makes a big difference. Even if it is just PB&J. Seriously. It's a good thing.

4. I have to ignore the "experts" be it mommy bloggers or well-meaning friends and family or message boards. I have to synthesize information with reality and do things that work for this baby and for us now. So far, Little seems to be happy and healthy, so I think we're doing ok. If it is not what my family members do or what my friends do or what the mommy wars do, and the kids are safe, I think I'm ok.

5. I have to let go of my rigidity and be more flexible. If Solution 1 doesn't work, it's okay to move on to Solution 2 (or 22). For example, I've gone through what feels like a million "solutions" to ease evening fussiness (read: keep me sane from 5-6 pm). Finally, last week, I gave in to babywearing. I've never been opposed to babywearing or anything, I just had decided it my head it would be a good choice for someone else. Or maybe for the next baby. Even so, I gave in, strapped Little on and she "helped" me straighten the house with hardly a whimper, and has repeated it for a good week now. Fine, fine, fine...everyone else was right.

6. Similar to #4 and #5, I had to find a lot of self-confidence to be me. I have the dress my kid the way I want to dress my kid. I have to dress myself the way I want to dress myself. I have to raise and feed and love my family the best I can, and that might not be the way another does it. I found my voice, so to speak, and the joy seems to flow from that.

7. This will never stop getting to me. Ever.

Daddy-Daughter Time!
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  1. I totally agree with your Take #1, and I've found the same to be true for myself. Plus, I find it makes me more productive around the house. :)


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