Friday, January 4, 2013

7 Quick Takes Vol. 5

1. Is anyone going to have Quick Takes this week that don't either begin or end with how ardently they are praying for Jen? You can certainly add me to the list of prayer warriors.

2. I feel like it should be 5 Quick Takes this week, because another huge chunk of us are going to comment on how awesome Grace's birth story link-up is. Seriously. I'm having so much fun reading through everyone's stories, it made last night's nursing go faster, and I have high hopes for more to come! I'm getting on Dweej's 12 pictures of 2012 link-up, but I'm still digging up pre-Little pictures. Apparently, before she came around my picture taking and storing was pretty sparing. I clearly have a link-up problem lately.

3. This week has been all kinds of wonky what with going to the Vigil on Saturday for Sunday and the Vigil on Monday for Tuesday and New Year's Eve/Day and C's brother in town for all of that and C going back to work/school on Wednesday and now it's Friday and I'm finally feeling slightly oriented.

4. In the last week, Little has turned into a champion sitter! C and I go back and forth between so, so proud of her and so, so scared at how fast it is flying by. We are seriously contemplating not feeding her or giving her any time to work on gross motor skills. I'm kidding. Mostly.

What? I've been doing this all along.

5. I mentioned that Little got a Bitty Baby for Christmas. Every time she plays with it, I am amazed at how she treats it like a person (touching her face, etc.) rather than like a toy (shoving it directly into her mouth).

6. I have a new goal of getting an about section going. I keep intending to do it, so by writing it down, I will make it happen. I will.

7. Daddy-Daughter time!

I think he's excited for when this will actually work!

Now, go visit Jen via Hallie for more! Thanks, Hallie, for hosting us! :)


  1. How old is your baby, she looks and sounds about the same skill level as my little one whos almost 6 mos! yours is adorable by the way! and please do the about section! I feel like reading that is the cyber-handshake of meeting new friends!

    1. She'll be 6 months on Thursday, so they are just about the same age! :)


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