Thursday, January 10, 2013

Seis meses


She is six months old today. That's half a year. She's 50% of the way to her first birthday.

People said that time flies. People say to take it all in, because it will be gone before you know it. People say all kinds of stuff. You don't have any idea how true it really is until you see a little baby of your own gestation go from helpless little bundle of cuteness to all-over-the-place bundle of cuteness right before your eyes.

She's sitting up, people. Not for a second or two, but sits on the ground playing and laughing and eating her toys.

She's still not crawling and still hasn't cut that tooth. But those days are coming. And they're coming fast. Some kind of mobility is, at least. I'm currently convinced that she's going to teeth forever and finally cut teeth right around the 4th of July.

She loooooooooooves sweet potatoes (like her Daddy). And squash (like her Mama).

She's drinking water from a sippy cup. Not very much or very well. But she's doing it.

She's babbling. Yesterday, I swear she was saying umuhmuhmuh. She has no real idea how close that is to Mama or really have any thought in her little mind of actually saying my name, but it warms my heart to the point of melty goo all the same.

She loves her bedtime prayers. She can be a mad, screaming baby and as soon as we start, she quiets right down. She loves to hold (and eat) a Jesus holy card and cries when we take it away every night.

She loves people. She loves smiling and being held and loved and kissed. She has the sweetest smile and big brown eyes.

She is a daredevil -- she loves being jostled and tossed around. This gives me even more fear for her coming mobility and toddlerhood.

She is a problem solver. You should see the ways she finds to get what she wants, be it a toy or a pair of arms.

She is a thief, because she steals my heart day after day, time and time again. (Yes, I'm a huge sap.)

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