Sunday, February 10, 2013

7 months

My sweet (and currently covered in banana . . . stupid, awesome mesh feeder) Little Clare is 7 months old today. She . . .

. . . is still working on her crawling.

. . . is babbling up a storm, and saying "dadadada" a lot, which is making Charles proud as a peacock, even if we both know it's literally just babbling at this point. She did say "udumuhgu" and then point to me after I said, "say Mama," so I'm convinced our genius child knows where it's at.

 . . . is still toothless.

. . . has decided peaches are even better than sweet potatoes.

. . . can feed herself puffs.

. . . is finally taking a consistent afternoon nap.

. . . makes an awesome dying pterodactyl sound. She even decided to show it off at Mass this morning!

I, of course, took too many pictures today. The evidence:


Let me play with the camera, Mama!

Yep, I'm cute!

Belly flop

Over there is way more interesting than that dumb camera.


Are we done yet?

Just chillin' & watchin' the fish tank.

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