Sunday, February 3, 2013

Meal Plan Monday (on Sunday), Vol. 10

Whee! Posting my meal plan early, because, well....I can. Mostly I do it on Mondays because I like the alliteration. Sad but true. If it really came down to it, Saturday would make the most sense. Hmmm...things to think about.

'Cause I like pictures on posts

Anyway, nothing too exciting happening this week, so things are pretty straightforward. Here on psycation, Charles gets home pretty early, so I'm taking advantage of having a bit of extra time to get dinner on the table (and extra hands to help if someone is extra crabby).

Plus, I decided I was too lazy sane to deal with Super Bowl snack shoppers while I was buying boring things like chicken breasts (and probably too tempted to buy terrible snack items), so I'll be hitting the store at some point tomorrow. Living on the edge, people. Living.On.The.Edge.

Saturday -Lazy pizza

Sunday - Super Bowl get together with Charles' parents

Monday - Meatloaf muffins, potato wedges, mixed veggies

Tuesday - Southwest pork stew, bread

Wednesday - Chicken chili
 2 chicken breasts + 1 onion + 1 drained can corn + 1 drained can white beans + 1 jar tomatillo salsa + Crock Pot = warm and yummy goodness of the easy-peasy variety

Thursday - pork chops, spaghetti squash, salad, bread

Friday - spinach pasta (we changed plans last Friday, so I'll try again this week), salad

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  1. You are just living life on the wild shopping on a Monday:) Hopefully it isn't Senior Day at the grocery store...that makes it a sloooow process. Although they do all enjoy a cute baby which clearly you have!


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