Monday, February 4, 2013

Only Child?

My sweet innocent adorable baby.

This one:

Faking the sweet.

Is having an I-want-to-be-an-only-child kind of day.

It started at 4 am when she woke up screaming. I dutifully went to check on her and found a totally soaked baby -- full diaper, soaked jammies, soaked sleep sack. So we did a middle-of-the-night by moonlight nightlight complete strip and change. All the while she was screaming, clearly unhappy with this parenting non-decision (since there was clearly no other humane option). Finally, she got the snuggles and milk she wanted and went back to sleep.

6.45 and Charles is leaving for the hospital. He sneaks in to say good-bye as always...and immediately sneaks back out! The not-good word is that she is awake and looking around. "Maybe she'll go back to sleep?" hope I. Ha! 7.05 and Mommy goes to save her...blow out!

I could continue, but I'll spare the gory. As I write, it is 11.30. Since my early-morning siren alarm baby snuggles, we have had 5 clothing changes, 4 diaper mishaps, 2 cups of coffee (with one more in progress), and one coffee spill.

My plan to try taking her to the store this morning? SO not happening. Ever ever never.

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