Friday, February 15, 2013

7 Quick Takes, Vol. 12

7 quick takes sm1 Your 7 Quick Takes Toolkit!

1. You know you married a keeper when he doesn’t just come home with Valentine’s Day flowers for you:

But he brought some for his Little Girl as well:

2.  This is what the rest of Valentine’s Day looked like in our house:

It was a lovely day full of my littlest and biggest loves. I am a blessed, blessed girl.

3. If you look really closely, you might see our cards to each other. Charles and I loooove buying one another the most ridiculous cards we can find. We them read them aloud, slowly, with faux-serious voices. By the end, one or both of us is always in tears from laughing so hard.  That. Is why you should always marry your best friend.

4. The crawling chronicles. Mobility reached a new milestone yesterday when Little Miss Trouble managed to sit up from fully on her tummy, perfectly positioned to start figuring out how to open the doors of the TV stand.  I was sitting 3 feet away on the couch with my morning coffee and looked up as she started eyeing the little handle/knob thing on the door, grabbed my camera (priorities!), and then moved her away. She has successfully sat herself up several times since then. 1 part proud. 1 part scared. 

I can soooo get to those cases!
 5. The teething chronicles. Still nothing. At this point, I think she may be gumming mac & cheese in first grade.

6.  On Ash Wednesday, ASU’s Newman Center (where all of our meeting, marrying and baby baptizing took place) opened a new main chapel. We wouldn’t have missed the first Mass for anything, and it was totally worth keeping Clare up past her bedtime! I pray that they will continue to be a beacon of light in the darkness that college life so often is for years to come. I didn’t get any pics, but shamelessly stole this one from their FB page.

Said FB Page

7.  Confession. While I have no idea who will be the next Pope, (How could any of us possibly have a real clue who the Holy Spirit has in mind and who the Conclave will choose. Anything you see/hear otherwise is full of it, because they’re grasping for a story at this point.) what I really want to know is what name he’ll take once elected. Will it be something that’s been used recently? Something that goes waaaay back? I seriously was looking at a list of popes contemplating what name I would choose. Yes. I’m crazy.

Linking up, per usual, with Jen et al, who weekly provide better/funnier/more thoughtful Takes. 

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