Tuesday, February 26, 2013


So many attractive, cheezy and cliche titles for my post about Clare's first baseball game . . . so I ditched them all and went with el espanol.

n-e-way . . .

Saturday, we took advantage of the superbly perfect weather and met some friends for some Spring Training action. Just one of the perks of living in the ol' AZ (or Florida, I guess).

Our diva

It was Clare's first game, and, as far as parents instilling values in our children is concerned, love of baseball (preferably the National League and especially preferably the D'backs) is right up there behind love of God and country. Muy importante.

We were totally "those parents" with our sun-protection obsession.

Basking in the sun

Chillin' like villains

My new Target-knock-off-no-shoes-for-Africa shoes

It was a fantastic day . . . good great perfect weather, good friends, junk food, a game we kinda watched. Clare had a blast playing on the grass (for spectators, not players!), catching a nap on Daddy, trying to get into the soda.

A bottle of soda is the same as a bottle of milk, right?

Nap time

Oh yeah, there was a game.

After the game, we all had dinner at a nearby restaurant, which is all touristy/cowboy/"authentic," so of course was yummy and tons of fun (with a great view that was not captured digitally). We did see a bull and put her in the children's menu hat/headband for long enough to snap a picture.

Not impressed by the bull

Or by her headgear
 The day maybe ended with accidental egg-eating and the fun that follows and red Gatorade and Benadryl and general misery for the ol' Mama, but it was a win for the home team overall. Sorry...couldn't resist the bad baseball cliches for toooooo long.

Baseball's newest fan

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