Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Remember You Are Dust

No, I'm not giving up posting unrelated baby pictures for Lent.

What a weird week it has been. I know it's only Wednesday, but it's Ash Wednesday. Of course, for us Catholics that means a lot of things, but most importantly, it means the beginning of Lent, and, with it, a chance to grow more deeply in our relationship with God. I'm not trying to go all cerebral on you, but it's a day of pondering for me nonetheless.

Anyway, Monday was my day for checking chores off the ol' to do list, keeping myself busy, busy, busy.

Then there was that little shocker about the Pope and, me being me, I had to read/see/hear everything because, of course, if I read/saw/heard everything I would of course, solve the mysteries of the universe. I would be able to answer questions beyond, "What?!?" and "Why?!?" like "Why now?!" That's my response to surprising news, and Monday was no exception.

Then, yesterday, I had to get my sweets consumed, and my Simon fix, and my mom's group gone to and suddenly . . . it was Wednesday.

I talked to Clare about fasting today, but she wasn't buying it, and tucked into a bowl of purees, washed down by a little (more) milk. I'm trying to get her to give up not crawling for Lent, but I think that might be a mid-season thing for her.

We'll be going to Mass as a family. What a difference a year makes.

So this is me saying everything and nothing and wishing you a Blessed Lent.

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