Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Chats with Charlie

'Cause every mom blog needs a "things my husband says" feature.

And 'cause my Alliteration 101 class decided that "Charlie" is cuter than "Charles," even if he hates being called Charlie, Chuck, Cheesemeister or anything other derivative of his name. Which is his prerogative until it impedes my blogging creativity.


While laying in bed last night, we were discussing the meaning of the word exegesis.

Me: Exegetical, it's the adjective form of exegesis.

Him: No ****. But what does exegesis even mean?

Me: ??

Him: "ex" means out, so . . . yeah, no idea.

Me: I think it means, like, to draw out or draw conclusions from or something. [Not too bad, must have picked up something in my history major days.]

Him: If only there were a way to find out what it means. [Presumably without getting out of bed, since we have a dictionary and Google and stuff.] I need to reread this understanding the word exegesis to understand any of it.

Me: I just figured since you're smarter with this stuff than most of the people I interact with regularly... [With due apologies to other, very smart, people I hang with on the reg. He is my hubs and all.]

Him: The person you hang out with the most is the baby! I can at least talk!

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